CD Review: Trust – TRST

TRSTTrust survives buzz to delivery sexy techno goth album
By: Sheena Lyonnais
February 29, 2012

Every once in a while you need to escape. You want to start running – through back alleys, quiet streets, Chinatown, it doesn’t matter. You want to feel like there is an intensity chasing you, like you’re running from and yet towards something – and when you get there, you want everybody to motha fuckin dance.

Toss on TRST, the debut and highly anticipated album from Toronto’s Trust and your soundtrack starts to take form. A blend of goth and trance, Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski pull of an almost impossible feat, swinging effortlessly between genres while remaining uniquely transient. TRST is sexy dark tracks for the dance floor and the after-party ripe with New Order influences and black nail polish. From opener “Shoom” to closer “Sulk,” tracks bleed into each other, mixed as to never stop the party.

While Postepski drums also in Austra, there are minimal remnants of that here. The consistent anxiousness of the record is hushed by the gothic influences posing perhaps as the music equivalent to being high. Tracks “Bulbform,” “Gloryhole” and “T.F.T.” best represent this and feature hints of a less noisy Crystal Castles. Remixes would transport them to club level, but even now they’d find shelter thanks in part to rash rhythms that make you feel like you’ve arrived somewhere.

This record released off Arts & Crafts shows the label is becoming open to new ideas and fresh takes, and that Trust has successfully survived the buzz to deliver a well-needed new weekend album.

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