CD Review: Chasing Amee – self-titled

chasingameeBy: Natasha Pavlovic

February 29, 2012

There’s something in these four tracks from Chasing Amee that bring you back to a time when life wasn’t so serious, when finding the hottest party in town was your biggest priority, and chasing that special guy/girl was all you could think about. Oh yes, those were the days…

This trippy, hippy foursome of fun Toronto guys are a breath of fresh air and something to get you through these winter blues.  They’re a mix of New Found Glory and Faber Drive with a kick of Marianas Trench. The follow-up to 2009’s Wet Dreams and Drama Queens is filled with enough energy and spunk to make you feel like doing air guitar while jumping on your bed. Or something of that nature! The song “Witches” is a perfect venting piece describing a girl vocalist Tuck likes but turns out she is seeing another guy. It’s heartbreaking, but this song takes that feeling and puts it into more of an empowering anthem, especially through lyrics “I wish I had the time to say Fuck You!”  It has wicked awesome energy.

“Crazy Fool” has that kind of has that old Green Day punk sound to it. “If I can’t make it on my own, would you carry me? And I’ve been like this for so long, it’s a part of me.” There’s a depressing undertone to the lyrics that hides behind the music’s light, feisty sound.

Standout track “GO GO GO!” describes a night out with a beautiful girl in a wild, drunken spur. The amazing guitar riffs, fierce lyrics and echoing vocals make for one great party tune.

The album’s single “Over and Over” is a softer, melodic tune with a beachy  vibe that has already received airplay on MuchMusic. The whole song is really about a young band trying repeatedly to find their way to success through lyrics that shine: “But where’d we be without, Music that defines generations at a time, From the laughter and the tears echoed out throughout the years, Similar things will define who we are, It’s a light in the tunnel at the end is a star.”


It’s all too often great bands go unheard and slip under the radar. The passion and dedication this band has earns them a bid in this ruthless, cut throat business of the music industry. It’s safe to say Chasing Amee’s star is getting brighter already.

Check out this free EP here.


Crazy Fool


Over and Over


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