Watch This: Papermaps – “Complicate Things”

Toronto Band Papermaps

Toronto Band PapermapsJanuary 19, 2012

“Complaicate Things” is the second single off Toronto band Papermaps‘ self-titled debut.  The cool, understated synth rock track will get your Thursday morning started better than a cup of coffee.  Papermaps so far have no shows booked for the new year, but be sure and check these guys out live when they do.  In the meantime, watch the video for “Complicate Things.”

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Watch This: Jenny Mayhem – “Wide Open”

Jenny Mayhem Wide Open

Jenny Mayhem Wide OpenJanuary 18, 2012

“Wide Open” is the first single from Toronto’s Jenny Mayhem off her self-titled EP.  In the video she plays a down on her luck employee at Honest Ed’s who sells out and becomes a media hyped indie poster child.  Being shot in and around Honest Ed’s, with nod’s to local weeklies, it doesn’t get more Toronto than this, plus the song is amazing.  Be sure and check this one out.

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Ask A Professional: Mastering Engineer João Carvalho

Joao Carvalho Mastering

Joao Carvalho MasteringWe talk to Juno and Grammy award winning mastering engineer João Carvalho (The Sheepdogs, Death From Above, City In Colour) about what bands should consider when recording and mastering an album
By: TJ Liebgott
January 18, 2012

For most new recording artists, the process of mastering can seem elusive.  The art seems so wrapped in secrecy and confusion you would expect it to be done by members of the illuminati reciting dark incantations in some Masonic back room.  In reality it is the art done by a handful of audio professionals to create the best sonic enhancements and achieve an overall cohesive sound.  To shed more light on the mastering process is the João Carvalho, the owner of Toronto studio João Carvalho Mastering.

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