WATCH THIS: Metric’s Emily Haines & Toronto’s Andrew Huang talk Room For Thought, Ghost, music and tech

BL-RoomForThought-sBy: Sheena Lyonnais
January 31, 2011

FACT: I daylight at Toronto-based CareerMash, a non-profit that promotes tech careers to teens. Recently I had a chance to chat with Metric’s Emily Haines and Toronto’s Andrew Huang (who you may know from his other project Songs To Wear Pants To) about their collaborative project Ghost – an interactive music installation. Huang had this vision to create a seamless installation of individual instrumental videos recorded around the world. He wanted the haunting music to flow together uninterrupted no matter when each video was played. He called this idea Ghost and brought it to life with help from his mentor, Haines.

I talked to Andrew and Emily about the installation, music, Metric, technology, and the importance of that good ol’ DIY ethic. Watch the video below. To learn more about this project, check out this blog piece at CareerMash also written by yours truly. And hey, why not tell your kid sister about it too!


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