WATCH THIS: Monster Truck at Horseshoe in Toronto Jan 20, 2012

Monster-Truck-PromoJanuary 24, 2011

DON’T FUCK WITH THE TRUCK! We headed to the Horseshoe this past Friday to catch Monster Truck, the best thing to come out of the hammer since well, ever! These guys live up to their name entirely: huge, heavy tracks filled to the brim with thick guitar licks and luscious locks. They set out with a mission to create a band that embodied what they imagined a band called MT would sound like – and they highly succeeded. This is rock’n’roll done right people, ripped with 70’s influences but there’s no copy cat going on here, just damn good classic tunage. If you haven’t been hit by the Truck yet baby, it’s time to buckle up!

Here’s a video we captured of Monster Truck performing “Sweet Mountain River.” Catch them on Feb 10th at Sound Academy.


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