Walk Off The Earth (and Sarah Blackwood) on Ellen TODAY!

ellenJanuary 23, 2012

Walk Off The Earth‘s viral cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” racked up over 35 million views in less than two weeks and debuted on the Billboard charts at #14, the highest debut since April 2011. There was some speculation that the five-piece band playing one guitar was a mere fabrication, but the Burlington outfit will lay all to rest when they perform on the Ellen DeGeneres today at 4pm ET.

TMS chatted with Walk Off The Earth pre Sarah Blackwood back in 2009. For the sake of nostalgia, let’s rewind and reminisce. We opened our feature with nods to a previous cover that captured our attention, a vibrant rendition of Treble Charger’s “Red.” We’ll take this as an opportunity to congratulate the band on their wild success. Check out the interview below.

From the archives:
Artist Feature – Walk Off The Earth

Walk Off The Earth is:
Gianni Luminati – Guitar/Bass/Ukulele/Banjo/Percussion/Vocals +
Marshall – Guitar/Bass/Harmonica/Vocals +
Sarah Blackwood – Vocals/Guitar/Ukulele/Percussion/Keys +
Taylor – Keys/Vocals +
Joel Cassady – Drums/Percussion/Bass +

And in case you somehow have you yet to see the vid, watch it here:




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