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prettygeorgeJanuary 18, 2012

Hello friends! Toronto Music Scene is finally better! Many people don’t realize that despite help from our great contributors, TMS is actually only run by two people who also work full-time and sometimes get sick. This week we’re bringing you a ton of exciting content that we can’t wait to share. Here’s a round up of what to expect:

Feature: Interview with Joao Carvalho, award winning mastering engineer and owner of Toronto’s Joao Carvalho Mastering. TJ talked to him about the entire mastering process: what it is, what bands can do to prepare for it, various tiers of mastering and, perhaps of most value to you, how much the whole process costs. This piece has invaluable tips and key things to keep in mind when you set out to record your album. A must read, can’t miss piece that will be posted later today.

Feature: Interview/review of 2011 Indie Week winners Tiny Danza. Sheena sat down with the band recently at the El Mocambo to chat about what life has been like since winning Indie Week and jet-setting to Ireland, what the band is working on this year and how they developed their unique sound. A colourful piece that is long overdue!

Review: American Idiot. We had the opportunity to check out American Idiot and even though it’s already left Toronto (seriously, that went by way too fast!) we’re going to post it anyway. Despite mixed reviews, Sheena loved it and she’ll tell you why.

Updates: Ugh yes, mass updates. We’ve got videos to share with you, tour dates and shows to announce, contests to post and more! Stay tuned, yo.

Thanks for your patience! You guys are great and we’ll see you around town soon. Say hi!

Sheena & TJ

Photo: Sheena’s sister’s cat George, as taken by Sheena’s sister.

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