Elos Arma

Toronto Band Elos Arma


Toronto Band Elos ArmaRefreshing; one of the most commonly used words to describe explosive alternative/pop-rock/progressive quartet Elos Arma. In a city where saturated music is running rampant through the streets Elos Arma has created songs that you don’t constantly have to check your ipod for, in order to figure out which artist you’re listening to. After disbanding from a local hardcore band that all four members had played and promoted together in for over three years, the group shed their heavier roots and began writing a more integrated set of songs with the intention to regain the listener’s focus. Catchy vocals, unique song composition, emotionally captivating, and an intimate live show were all key characteristics that the group honed to perfect their creative vision.

“this is a band that everyone can have fun with…as mellow, lo-fi shoegazer rock and electronic music continue to build popularity, it’s refreshing to hear an indie band revive an uptempo and happier vibe in their music…instead of being a casual spectator to an album like I usually am, Elos Arma made me want to jump in and motorboat.” – Bandsoup.com

“Fantastic. They really have the crowd talking. They are very well received and refreshing to listen to. The transitions are seamless and each song is better than the last.” -Toronto Live Music Examiner

“Catchy, and singable, are the only words I can use to describe this new indie band from Ontario.”-Damaged Press

At the present time Elos Arma consists of four suburbanite musicians (Dan Tricanico on guitar/vocals, Chris La Rocca on keys/vocals, Mark Procopio on drums & Jon Watters on bass), struggling with day to day semi-average life and the fact that you can’t get a bachelors degree in “touring musician” as they’d put it. The anticipated release of 2011’s T.I.T.S. as well as an extended list of shows in the GTA (Ryerson Frosh Week, Edge 102.1 Smirnoff Indie Concert Series, Edge 102.1 Dave Bookman’s Nu Music Night to name a few) as well as the GTFO of September 2011 now under their belt, the band has gained acclaim from those who have heard and the number of people singing along is growing vastly. They are touring the southern Ontario circuit once again this March, and will travel across the pond as a supporting act on a UK tour.

They have commenced recording their 3rd EP, which will turn audience’s ears if they haven’t already. expected release is spring of 2012, with an LP release in the summer.

Now at the forefront of their local music scene, Elos Arma continues with no intention of slowing down.


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The Bare Minimum

Toronto Band The Bare Minimum

Alternative / Indie / Rock

Toronto Band The Bare MinimumThe Bare Minimum hails from Toronto, Canada. Taking their influences from all over music spectrum, from The Clash to Weezer to The Beatles – The Bare Minimum sets themselves apart from over-processed, over-pretentious indie rock music by offering a raw, melodic, no-frills sound.


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Laugh At The Fakes

Toronto Band Laugh At The Fakes


Toronto Band Laugh At The FakesDrawing influences from classic rock to thrash metal, Laugh At The Fakes is a hard rock band that pushes the limits of the genre while staying true to it. Formed in the fall of 2010, Laugh At The Fakes is the brainchild of singer/guitarist and songwriter Everett Mason. Mason’s vocals and guitar playing combined with the raw unbridled power of Julian Craig’s drumming and purposeful bass-lines by Chris Riley create something truly unique and captivating. The high energy trio have just released their debut record One Night Only which is available on iTunes.


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WATCH THIS: Metric’s Emily Haines & Toronto’s Andrew Huang talk Room For Thought, Ghost, music and tech


BL-RoomForThought-sBy: Sheena Lyonnais
January 31, 2011

FACT: I daylight at Toronto-based CareerMash, a non-profit that promotes tech careers to teens. Recently I had a chance to chat with Metric’s Emily Haines and Toronto’s Andrew Huang (who you may know from his other project Songs To Wear Pants To) about their collaborative project Ghost – an interactive music installation. Huang had this vision to create a seamless installation of individual instrumental videos recorded around the world. He wanted the haunting music to flow together uninterrupted no matter when each video was played. He called this idea Ghost and brought it to life with help from his mentor, Haines.

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Morning Fame

Toronto Band Morning Fame

Toronto Band Morning FameRock/Pop/Indie/Americana

Morning Fame is a 4 piece band from Toronto.

The band consists of members that come from different walks of life and from different parts of the world. Without concern for the superficial and trendy aspects of the modern music scene, the band has built its sound around crafting memorable and meaningful songs with quality musicianship. Each member brings a distinct identity to the music. Whether it is the plaintive vocals of Vik Kapur, the “singing” guitar lines of Joe Liranzo or the musical drum lines of Alan Dennis, the band’s music creates a mood that is perfect for anyone that really “listens” to music rather than enjoys it in the background.

Due to a great musical chemistry, the band has been able to write and record a 6 song EP, A LASTING PLACE, with producer Chris Wardman (Blue Peter, the Watchmen) at the world-renowned Revolution Studios. The band is expecting to achieve radio play with this EP and will playing established Toronto venues like the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto in 2012.


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WATCH THIS: Monster Truck at Horseshoe in Toronto Jan 20, 2012


Monster-Truck-PromoJanuary 24, 2011

DON’T FUCK WITH THE TRUCK! We headed to the Horseshoe this past Friday to catch Monster Truck, the best thing to come out of the hammer since well, ever! These guys live up to their name entirely: huge, heavy tracks filled to the brim with thick guitar licks and luscious locks. They set out with a mission to create a band that embodied what they imagined a band called MT would sound like – and they highly succeeded. This is rock’n’roll done right people, ripped with 70’s influences but there’s no copy cat going on here, just damn good classic tunage. If you haven’t been hit by the Truck yet baby, it’s time to buckle up!

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Walk Off The Earth (and Sarah Blackwood) on Ellen TODAY!


ellenJanuary 23, 2012

Walk Off The Earth‘s viral cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” racked up over 35 million views in less than two weeks and debuted on the Billboard charts at #14, the highest debut since April 2011. There was some speculation that the five-piece band playing one guitar was a mere fabrication, but the Burlington outfit will lay all to rest when they perform on the Ellen DeGeneres today at 4pm ET.

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Watch This: The Junction – “Awakenings”

Toronto Band The Junction

Toronto Band The JunctionJanuary 20, 2012

Toronto’s the Junction have just released their newest music video “Awakenings,” the first single from their upcoming third album Grievances.  The entire video is made up of stock archival footage from the 1930’s featuring bustling city streets, frantic workers, traffic jams and endless skyscrapers.  With lead singer Jackson opening the song’s lyrics with “you’ve got a right to live the way you want, but I’ll take it slow,” one can imagine the message to take away from this video is that as much as we think things have changed in the past 80 years, they really haven’t.  Same shit, different day (or decade for that matter). Grievances drops March 6.

Be Sure and check it out.

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It’s official: Toronto the best place for music in the world!


drakeIs Drake our Cobain?
By: Sheena Lyonnais
January 20, 2012

Toronto weekly the Grid was all over touting the city (well, actualy in truer Canadian fashion, more so putting the idea out there but not actually claiming it) as the world’s best place for music. Word got around to our friends down south and New York Times confirmed that yes, indeed, Toronto is the best and, is possibly, having a Seattle moment, but we don’t have the balls to back it.

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Watch This: 20 Amp Soundchild – “Lights Go Out”

20 Amp Soundchild

20 Amp SoundchildJanuary 19, 2012

Pickering’s 20 Amp Soundchild just dropped their new vid for “Lights Go Out” thanks to a recent MuchFACT grant.  The video explores those feelings of  “alien”-ation (literarlly) felt during those awkward high school years.  Directed by Mike Portoghese (who also did the Darcys’ “Don’t Bleed Me” video) and produced by Rory Halsall (Shawn Desmon/Danny Fernandes). Be sure to watch at the 3:22 mark for a good laugh and catch them January 28 at the Hideout (buy a birthday shot for bassist Dave!).

“There’s just not enough aliens in music videos nowadays.” – Mike Portoghese

Check it out now:

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