CD Review: Playdeaf – The Super Sexy Market 

playdeafBy: Natasha Pavlovic

December 1, 2011


Toronto band Playdeaf’s latest release The Super Sexy Market is definitely super sexy. With its sultry, biting lyrics and deep, dark rock, it’s an album you can strip to (if you’re into that sort of thing). It is definitely intense. Vocalist/guitarist Playdeaf Jeff has a voice that makes your body tingle and would make for the perfect soundtrack to a mellow, intimate night in.  It’s easy to lose yourself while listening to the album’s raunchy, trippy sound. Each song invites you in with a deep, drawn out intro and then captivates the ears with quick guitar and sharp bass. It’s hard not to press repeat as it makes you feel so alive when listening.

The 15-song album is a mixes hard, catchy gritty beats like “Alien Baby” and “Grow It Yourself” with slower, seductive tracks like “Right Behind You” and “Anna Nicole.” The darkness of the album is really apparent in tracks like “Struggle Whore” and “Cheaters.”

Standout track “Grow It Yourself” is a typical 20-something rock anthem about drinking and sex. “Alright baby let’s get drunk and let’s get crazy…” There is even a remix version infused with increased keyboard and heavier beats.


Playdeaf is a three-piece rock band from Toronto under Red Rebel Music consisting of vocalist/guitarist Playdeaf Jeff, drummer H-Bomb and bassist/keyboardist Chowder.  They’ve made a name for themselves with their gutsy, passionate music that seems to captivate audiences from all over. Boasting over 1500 fans on Facebook as well as current airplay in Australia, Super Sexy Market and Playdeaf are bound for success. You can grab Super Sexy Market in store or online at

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