This is Me as a Woman

Acoustic / Experimental / Visual

This Is Me As A Woman

This is me as a Woman are an emerging and promising Toronto band that has listeners and fans questioning how to genre it. This is Me as a Woman are tired of seeing genuine and eclectic Canadian bands be ignored or underrepresented in the mass public and media. This is me as Woman have just released their self-titled EP; recorded/mixed at Acoustik Roots Studio, mastered at Woodshed Studio.

This is Me as a Woman’s founding member Kimberly was born in the bushes of Northern Ontario and was drawn to music at a young age.
Gravitating to the guitar and finding her own aggressive style, This is Me as a Woman’s singing/song writing can be described as intriguing, experimental and captivating. Incorporating finger-tapping, loops and entrancing vocals, you will find This is me as a Woman unconsciously stuck in your head.     

Presently, This is Me as a Woman continues to incorporate powerful vocals into her unconventional and experimental guitar playing, while recently adding a very hard-hitting, force bringing drummer Jay and bassist Joe DiMaio (the Bulletproof Tiger) gracefully pummels your ears while keeping it in the pocket so tight you can’t fit your hands in them. Together they have quickly been astonishing diverse crowds across the city and will to continue to do so.


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