TimeGiant1Lead singer Tyrone Buccione and guitarist Ryan Watson met in college where they spent more time in a dingy residence kitchen recording shitty songs on cell phones than going to class. A few years later they met up with bassist Pat Wilken and Taso Pavlou and decided to give the whole rock and roll thing a try.

Never boring, this colourful group gets their musical hard ons from four different genres. I.E. Each stranded on a desert island would chose to be part of the following tribute band: Ryan, barefoot as a beach boy would be Les Paul-smoking Ace Frehley from Kiss, Pat, Raging Like a Machine, would be the bass-welding mysterioso John Paul Jones, Taso, wrapped in a greek gyros with Kalamata olives would drum to Afieromeno by Nikos Kourkoulis, and Tyrone, guitar in hand, would Have A Cigar with Freddy Mercury.

TIMEGIANT has been on many “makeshift tours” playing at venues like “menonite nursing homes” for 5 guys and their moms opening for the likes of 10 year old Whiplash, the best of America’s Got Talent and a children’s jamboree festival. They’ve also been on a few decent tours with 80s rock band HELIX and the up and coming “Domenica”. They’ve sold over 2,000 copies of their EP, “TIME” while maintaining shitty minimum wage jobs in the picturesque city of Windsor, Ontario.

This foursome has played over 200+ Canadian shows with good people like Theory of a Deadman, the Trews, Priestess, Collective Soul, Fozzy, David Wilcox and Ray Manzarek and Robbey Kreiger from The Doors. This past spring TIMEGIANT moved their gear to the big city of Toronto in the hopes of playing more music and washing fewer dishes. They are currently recording their third album to be released in January 2012.


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