Christian D and the Hangovers


Christian D and the HangoversFrom the Rawk music collective of Toronto’s psychobilly nightlife comes a full-force, cow-punk movement known as Christian D & the Hangovers. The Hangovers kick their own brand of artfully crafted rockabilly into full overdrive when they hit the stage or studio, beating up every eardrum and instrument in their path. Drinking meets death (as they often do) and hillbilly meets downtown in a sonic party where lyrical loose women are the cheerleaders. You’ll boogie, you’ll laugh, you’ll fear, and if you’re lucky, you won’t remember a thing the next day!”

It’s high octane, beer drinkin’, fast livin’ rock’n’ roll with enough rockabilly slapping and punk rock rebellion to keep the house jumping.

Sounds KInda like Eddie Cochran and Joe Stummer having a kinife fight at Johnny Cash’s house.


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