WATCH THIS: Music videos of the week – Nov 17

ICEpromoshotToronto Music Scene rounds up a list of the best new music videos that caught our eye this week!
November 17, 2011

We’re peacing out for the weekend, but leaving you with a compilation of kick ass music videos to tide you over until our return. From Austra’s enchanting, broken down version of “Lose It” to a mad scientist with acid-trip visuals – and maybe even a little history on John Lennon (hey, why not?!). We tried to keep it local my friends, but there’s some international flavour we just had to share.

Inner City Elegance – “Swearing Like A Sailor”

Do you like gritty basement punk rock parties with high school mentality? Then behold the latest video from Inner City Elegance! ICE recently relocated to this mighty city of ours. This music video landed in my inbox twice this week and subsequently inspired me to create this post. A catchy chorus, a good party and some slick licks – what more could you possibly want?


Austra – “Lose It”
This gorgeous, stripped-down version of Austra’s “Lose It” provides a much more intimate venture into Katie Stelmanis’ almost Icelandic vocals. It is beautifully shot in an amazing, yet simple room alongside a grand piano and a nostalgic colour palette. Powerful! Austra plays the Phoenix on Dec 1st.


Lucid – “Closed Eye”
Whoa trippy stuff Batman! The latest track from the UK’s Lucid is a colourful, ecelectic acid-trip of a mix off The New Reprise. Their label Nightshifters touts The New Reprise EP as being, “so next level that you’re literally not ready.” We’ll let you decide for yourself.


Anna Rose – “My Body Is A Cave”
This cover of Arcade Fire’s “My Body Is A Cave” by New York songstress Anna Rose is a brilliant, smoky interpretation dripping with deep, deep soul. She takes a tricky song and makes it her own, filling in the gaps with a hurt you can feel. The video itself is beautifully shot, though ominous and sad.


I Met The Walrus/Kids & Explosions

Josh Raskin is an Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award winning director best known for his short film I Met The Walrus, which documents an interview between John Lennon and a 14-year-old who snuck into a Toronto hotel room to capture this audio. However, he’s also the man behind Polaris short-lister Kids & Explosions.  The release party for the new album Shit Computer happens Nov 26 at Academy of Lions (1245 Dundas St. W). Kids & Explosions are the shit. I’m posting the short but you can stream Shit Computer here.


Binary – Prisoner

The last video of the day comes from London four-piece Binary. #Fact: vocalist David Troster formed the band in late 2010 after leaving Yale University, where he was studying molecular biology. For fans of moody Brit-influenced rock down the vein of White Lies. This track was mixed by Sean Beavan, a collaborator of both Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails, so dark undertones to be expected.


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