Welcome to the new Toronto Music Scene!

TMSsquareblackWelcome to the new Toronto Music Scene!

Sheena and TJ would like to personally welcome you to the new Toronto Music Scene. We’re bringing you a ton of new features, a more interactive platform and greater access to the latest music happenings in the city! Find out what’s new here:

Toronto Music Scene launched in 2007 as a forum for us to highlight the great music oozing out of the city. It has since grown to hundreds of interviews and reviews, received contributions from writers across Canada and established itself as a go-to place for what’s happening in the nation’s largest music portal.

Here’s what’s new at TMS:

  • Missed Connections: We’ve created a fresh new forum and added a TMS Missed Connections section – so you can try to connect with that hot chick from last week’s show. (She does have amazing taste after all.)
  • Social Media integration: We’ve replaced our commenting system with Facebook and added direct sharing options via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (and more to come).
  • Soundcloud: The Soundcloud DropBox lets bands send us tracks directly.
  • Comprehensive Listings: We know you’re tired of jumping from the Horseshoe’s event page to Lee’s back to the Horseshoe to the Bovine – so we just did you a favour and put it all in one place.
  • Blog: A continuously updated reel of news, tour & show announcements, music videos, recommended songs + more.

Thank you for your continued support friends!


TJ Liebgott and Sheena Lyonnais

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