CD Review: Darlings of Chelsea – Panic is Worse Than The Emergency

darlings of chelsea coverBy: Natasha Pavlovic
November 1, 2011

Lookout world: Toronto’s rock’n’roll saviours Darlings of Chelsea have returned with Panic Is Worse Than The Emergency, the follow-up to 2009’s crunchy debut The Mimico Sessions.The album features 11 boisterous and powerful punk-splashed tracks that will make your heart beat fast and your head bang harder.

Each member comes with a plethora of their own rock history. Guitarist Jay Millette from The Black Halos, bassist Robby Ruckus from Robin Black, drummer Chris Nova from Kill Cheerleader, and newly appointed vocalist Paul Thompson (originally on guitars) gives the band a fresh edgy sound. Together, the band possesses both the fierceness of The Rolling Stones and the catchiness of Yellowcard.

The hard, aggressive beats combined with the sexy guitar wails and fiery lyrics make this the perfect pump-me-up collection.  The album opens with the thrashing “Lucky Ones,” a catchy and upbeat hit that will have you tapping your feet all the way through.  Notable tracks like “Sister Alia” and “Too Long” feature plenty of “woahhhs” and “ooohs” that are easy to remember and shout a long to – and are sure to explode through the band’s engaging live performances.

DOC’s lusty rock is great to listen to when working out, drinking with friends or cruising down the highway. Full of forceful energy, just sitting here listening to them makes my adrenaline rise.  These guys are killer. Do yourself a favour and check them out – perhaps even this Saturday (November 5) at the Hideout.

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