Album Review: The Archives – Transitions EP

the archives coverBy: Sheena Lyonnais
October 25, 2011

Toronto’s the Archives drop their latest EP Transitions November 10, but it already arrived in my inbox with promises of Brand New and Manchester Orchestra comparisons. And while it took a couple listens, the six-track album does truthfully ignite that ferrous Long Island feel with amped-up melodic rock,  dark undertones and slashes of spite.

Vocalist/bassist Anthony Menecola has a powerful uphill wind in his voice, most evident in standout track “Sheeps Clothing” a sultry, drippy song that messes with your mind like a good wolf should. Opener “Home” is the foreseeable crowd favourite with swinging lyrics and catchy choruses that bring me back to high school times with its melodic punk edge. Closer “Tiger Hugs” is another notable, instantly drawing the listener in with a grittier side featuring smart lyrics and guitar licks that shake things up for the better.

As someone who values (Brand New vocalist) Jesse Lacey in the highest musical regard, I am hesitant to compare the two, for the Archives are an intriguing and solid brand of their own and they potentially sell themselves short by beaming impossible comparisons. Instead, Transitions is a promising album with more edge than the slick recording suggests, and enough versatility to appease both the all-ages and 19+ crowds. I’m definitely curious to see how these big, bold sounds translate live.

Click for more information on the Archives.

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