Chad VanGaalen releases 8 cassette albums on tour

Chad VangaalenCalgary artist kicks off his series of cassettes with eight albums.
October 24, 2011

You may have heard Chad VanGaalen muse last week about a new series of albums that he has in the hopper. Collected from the stacks and stacks of recordings that Chad has amassed over the last five years, this tape series is made up of material from across the broad spectrum of Chad’s diverse output, collected into albums and pressed on limited run cassettes. Now on this upcoming tour, the first eight of these albums will be available in limited quantities on the merch table.

The albums represent different facets of Chad’s fascination with sound, both as a songwriter and as an experimentalist. “Garbage Island 1&2″ are two cassettes of b-sides, loaded with lovely gems that didn’t make the cut for Chad’s new album “Diaper Island”. An album of analogue synth under Chad’s electronic moniker Black Mold alternates between horrifying noise and glitchy mayhem. “Dub Tassles” and “Raw Operator” are both loaded with analogue beat-driven face-melters, “Parsa” is heavy on the synth with acoustic drums, and “Inventions of Science”… well, you’ll just have to give that one a listen yourself.

For further illumination, check out our handy sampler with tracks from all eight albums, and their covers:

Each tape is hand-lettered and comes wrapped in a psychedelic album cover. They look pretty sweet. Eventually the cassettes will be available in limited quantities on the Flemish Eye store, but for now they are a merch-table only item.


Upcoming dates where cassette tapes may or may not be available:

October 24 :: Quebec City, QC :: Le Cercle
October 25 :: Montreal, QC :: La Sala Rossa
October 26 :: Kingston, ON :: Chalmers United Church
October 27 :: Ottawa, ON :: Ritual Nightclub
October 28 :: Toronto, ON :: The Mod Club Theatre
November 4 :: Edmonton, AB :: Myer Horowitz Theatre
November 5 :: Calgary, AB :: Central United Church
November 16 :: Regina, SK :: The Exchange
November 17 :: Saskatoon, SK :: Roxy Theatre
November 18 :: Winnipeg, MB :: West End Cultural Centre

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