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myNXNE iPhone AppJune 15, 2011
Managing NXNE isn’t always the easiest task. Between 650 bands, impromptu parties, losing track of time, losing count of drinks, running into friends and misplacing schedules, it’s a daunting responsibility even for the most experienced of NXNE navigators.
Luckily we’ve stumbled across a great iPhone app that breaks each night down, lists the bands in order by performance time, includes full venue listings and provides info on every artist.  It’s got everything you need to keep you from getting caught in the NXNE shuffle. We tried it out on an iPod too, which works for the listings but unless you’re using wifi won’t grant you access to the artist info or Spinner’s news feed.  All in all a wicked app that really does make NXNE less overwhelming, which means more time for bands and booze!
Check out Apple for more information.

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