NXNE Preview: Bastard

Toronto band Bastard NXNE 2011 Interview By: TJ Liebgott
June 14, 2011

Bastard are the kind of band that write songs soaked in whiskey that you would imagine coming out of LA’s sunset strip scene in the 90’s, except they are from Whitby, Ontario.  Don’t let their hometown fool you though, this four-piece plays testosterone filled, balls-to-the-wall, straight ahead hard rock.  While it seems a ton of bands are going for this sound in Toronto, Bastard is one of the elite few doing it right.  Vocalist Ugly Bastard and drummer Slick Bastard join forces to tell us more.

How are you doing and where are you right now?

Focusing on finishing our first cd.

There are a lot of bands playing NXNE, what makes yours stand out? 

The music market has been flooded with meaningless drivel for much too long now.  Nobody writes songs anymore, its either beats or straight pop stars acting like lesbians to sell records.  Its not about writing a great song, but we are.

You played NXNE at the Hard Rock last year.  Tell us about your experience, the things you learned and how your performances went down.  What are you planning on doing differently this time?

The show was packed and went really well, although I don’t think enough industry was there with their ear to the ground. I could be wrong, but rarely am.

What is your band working on at the moment?

We have finished our first video, we are all self-produced, engineered and mastered. So we have our hands full finishing up our cd.

Tell us one thing you’re hoping to accomplish by the end of summer.

World domination!!

What other acts are you hoping to catch at the festival this year? 

We don’t want to catch anything from any other act. We are a self-contained rock machine. No radio, no band, no interview will sway us.

NXNE is finally starting to receive international recognition for its stellar lineups and workshops.  What do you think this means for Canada and Canadian music?

Its hard to say, but if the industry took it a little more seriously, its like a fashion show for music and all they do is sit in their chairs with their legs crossed. They need to have some balls to start a music scene as opposed to following one.

Which shows/events/bbqs/unofficial events are you playing?  Please list all below.

The Hideout, Thursday June 16 @ 1am.
We may hit the boat cruise M for Montreal/Brooklyn Vegan thing. I don’t know – rock is a night time sport for us.

Where can we find out more about you?

Watch the video.    We play hard  and people love to be moved by music, that is what we do. If you’ve seen us. You love us….if you don’t, well we will hunt you down and you will never be heard from again.

Any last parting words for us music-hungry Toronto folk?

Open your eyes, open your ears, do not be coerced into thinking whatever is on the radio is good music.  Its actually the opposite.  There are some great bands on the radio, but for the most part….crap!

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