NXNE Preview: HotKid

NXNE 2011 Interview with Toronto Band Hotkid By: Sheena Lyonnais
June 13, 2011

HotKid is on our list of must-see bands at this year’s NXNE and they should be on yours too. Vocalist/guitarist Shiloh Harrison has a sexy, booming voice that sounds like she grew up hanging out in rec rooms, spinning indie rock and spitting undeniable attitude.  Complimented by the fiery Robbie Butcher on drums, the duo combines garage influences decorated with pop hooks best represented in two track’s off last year’s Under The Streetlight, “Yours & Mine” and “Fake It.”

They just wrapped shooting another video with MMVA nominated Alon Isocianu and will be hitting the road with Sloan at the end of the month. They tell us why you should fit them into your NXNE schedulizer.

How are you doing and where are you right now?
Rob: I’m great, thanks for asking. I’m in the lunchroom at Sonic Boom Records.

Shiloh: I’m watching Alice in Wonderland in Huntsville – true story!

There are a lot of bands playing NXNE, what makes HotKid stand out?

Rob: I honestly don’t think there’s another band that sounds like HOTKID. Shiloh’s got a really cool voice and we’re a volcano of energy. We’re planning some fun stuff for NXNE this year!

Shiloh: Well – we were planning on having a magician do tricks in between songs, but instead we’ve decided just to rock as hard and crazily as possible.
Robbie is probs the wildest drummer ever too do that helps.

You’ve played NXNE before.  What are you hoping to accomplish with your performance this year and what have you learned?

Rob: We’re hitting the road with Sloan a few days after NXNE, so we’ll be road testing road songs for the road. Road. NXNE is like a little tick on your resume. Sometimes you get lucky (crowd, connections), sometimes it’s worth it just to say you played at all.

Shiloh: I think mostly NXNE is exciting because of the vibe the city has – lots of traveling bands and a buzz of excitement. You kinda have to cross your fingers though and hope your set isn’t at the same time as Iggy Pop or whatever so people actually show up.

What is HotKid working on at the moment?

Rob: We just finished a new single that we’ll be giving away on our website for a short while, that will be accompanied by a new video that we’re shooting with (MMVA nominated) Alon Isocianu on Sunday.

Shiloh: I’ve got to finish my dress – a Labyrinth Bowie/Marie Antoinette inspired ensemble – for the video shoot tomorrow. Alon and his team are wondrous people! 

This one is for drummer Rob Butcher.  If Tin Bangs hadn’t have broken up (despite a TMS article from 2008), do you think you ever would have become involved with HotKid?  How is this project different for you?  

Rob: Technically Tin Bangs never broke up. I’d love to play a one off show with those guys sometime. Fun band. Both bands are a little left of center and I like that. Lots of energy too.

Fun fact time:  Are you aware that in the change room at my gym they play almost nothing but a clip of the video for "Yours & Mine."   Just rockin out while girls change.  How do you feel about this?

Rob: Ironically enough our next video will be nothing but hidden camera footage of people in change rooms not paying attention to our ad. I worked at a gym for a while. It stinks in there, I’d be focused on leaving asap. And not letting anyone see my junk.

Shiloh: Sweaty babes rule!

What other acts are you hoping to catch at the festival this year?

Rob: OFF!!!! Other notables would include Modernboys Moderngirls, Indian Handcrafts, Hate Gang, Mad Ones, The oOohh Baby Gimme Mores, The BB Guns, PkewPkewPkew & Spitfist. Some of my fave bands at the moment are from here in Toronto. Or Barrie (IH).

Shiloh: ditto what Robbie said – plus Mercy Now and Rusty!!

NXNE is finally starting to receive international recognition for its stellar lineups and workshops.  What do you think this means for Canada and Canadian music?

Rob: As I was saying, there are so many incredible bands and artists in Toronto at the moment, it feels almost overwhelming. If the attention can be parlayed into those bands receiving more notoriety, all the better!

Shiloh: I think Canadian music and musicians have a cache – a coolness factor still – as if we’re the weird wild north country of indie rock – so it makes sense that NXNE would be getting more attention.

Which shows/events/BBQs/unofficial events are you playing?  Please list all below.

Rob: We’re playing a party at Oz Studios (134 Ossington) at 4pm on Saturday. I’ll be at the Joao Carvalho BBQ that same day. I think we’re going to try and crash Noah Mintz’s BBQ as well!

Also, Bovine Sex Club on Saturday June 18 at 9 pm.

Where can we find out more about you?

Rob: hotkid.ca

Shiloh: And we’re on facebook

Any last parting words for us music-hungry Toronto folk?

Rob: Check out  Modernboys Moderngirls, Indian Handcrafts, Hate Gang, Mad Ones, The oOohh Baby Gimme Mores, The BB Guns, PkewPkewPkew & Spitfist. And come say "hi" to me at Sonic Boom Records!

Shiloh: Keep rockin and supporting bands that you dig – go out to shows and find stuff that inspires you and share it with people.

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