New Years With These Electric Lives

tel.jpgBy: TJ Liebgott
December 30, 2010
This has been a strong year for Toronto dance-rock outfit These Electric Lives.  After winning Indie Week in October, TEL has set the bar high for 2011.  Bassist Gary Peter recaps this year’s highlights for the band and tells us what’s in store for the future.

What stands out in terms of your progress, success and struggles as a band in 2010?

We won Indie Week Canada 2010 and an all expenses paid tour to Indie Week Ireland in May. That was probably the highlight of our year. We also put out a new EP, We See Light, that we’re really happy with. We always struggle to sleep enough. Ha.

Here’s video footage of us winning Indie Week: Watch Video of These Electric Lives winning Indie Week

What did you learn?

Indie Week was a real grind – four shows in five days. I think we learned that we have elevated our live show during that week, and I think our live show has improved even more since then.

What is one misconception people had about These Electric Lives this year?

I get the feeling people think we’re "just nice guys making music," which I suppose we are in some ways. We’ve been evolving our sound over the past five years though and I think some people who haven’t checked us out in a while might be surprised by what they see and hear.

How are you planning on ringing in the New Year?

The band is all scattered for New Year’s Eve this year. I’ll be boarding in Tremblant.

What is These Electric Lives drink of choice?

We’re not picky, but I will say that since we’ve played a bunch of shows in the US this year, we’ve become serious fans of American micro brew beers.

What’s your craziest New Year’s story?

Lead vocalist Mark and I usually host and DJ our own New Year’s Eve party. Those parties always get crazy by last call. Trying to get home on NYE in Toronto is the craziest thing though, isn’t it? Greedy cab drivers want to over-charge you and the TTC is always insane.

What do you have planned for 2011?

We’re hitting the studio in January and then hitting the road in February. We’ve already been confirmed for Canadian Music Fest in March and of course we’re going to Ireland in May!

Give us one piece of rockin’ advice to kick off the new year.

Play good music on your stereo and hang with cool people you love. You can’t lose!

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