New Years With The Box Tiger

Interview with Toronto Band The Box Tiger By: Sheena Lyonnais
December 28, 2010

The Box Tiger have had a whirlwind of a year that allowed the freshly-formed band to find its name rolling off the tongues of bloggers across the city.   The band’s whimsical rhythms harness a sharp bite with jagged nails backed by subtly frantic drums and soft harmonies. This has been a year of trial and error for the Box Tiger, but one that has undoubtedly helped build a solid foundation to what is sure to be a promising 2011.

What stands out in terms of your progress, success and struggles as a band in 2010?

Well this year has really been all about progress for The Box Tiger.  It was exactly a year ago on Dec. 20th that we had played our first show as a band and it’s great to look back and see how far we have come since then. Something that stands out from all of it defiantly is the recording of our first E.P.  Having something to listen back to and be proud of and something that you can give people is always great and really just the whole recording process helped solidify the band.

Also, starting up Nice Friends (The Box Tiger’s music is released through Nice Friends), which is an art management group I started last year with Jordan Stowell of Portland, ME’s In The Audience.

What did you learn?

I learned just how important taking the right steps and making the right connections can be. I feel so blessed to be making music in a great music city like Toronto – there are so many other great musicians and artists to build relationships with and opportunities to take advantage of. I think we all really learned how important it is to establish a community.  The Box Tiger is a four-piece band, but it’s our friends, family, fans and people we work with that help to form The Box Tiger community.

What is one misconception people had about the Box Tiger this year?

That The Box Tiger is a solo act, although I did start off The Box Tiger as just myself, once Massimo, Glenn and Jesse joined in we were in it together. We all play different roles, but we work together to make this work.

How are you planning on ringing in the New Year?

We actually have a huge show planned to end off the year to celebrate the one year of Nice Friends.  It’s a free show the 2010 Toronto Nice Friends Year End Party, which will take place at Supermarket (268 Augusta Ave.) on Thursday, December 30th.  Nice Friends bands The Box Tiger and In the Audience will be performing, along with good friends Elos Arma. Special guests The Elwins will close the night.  This will be the last shows of the year for The Box Tiger and In the Audience, as well as the Toronto debut of In the Audience. We are very excited ! 🙂

What is the Box Tiger’s drink of choice?

A zinfandel wine…or any wine, haha.

What’s your craziest New Year’s story?
The Box Tiger Glenn New Years
I would tell the story, but I think this wonderful picture of our guitarist Glenn says it all.

What does the Box Tiger have planned for 2011?

Keep playing shows, small tour this summer, and hope to record an LP.

Give us one piece of rockin advice to kick off the new year.

Remember your heart has no fists, so there is no point fighting it.  Love safely.

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