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Toronto Band Dolly Shot
Dolly Shot is a Peruvian-Canadian band based in Toronto, Canada. Its origin goes back to the early 2000’s when Dolly Shot’s members were part of different bands that belonged to the punk-rock underground scene of Lima, Peru.

Eduardo Rebagliati and Guillermo Subauste met each other in this scene, since both of them were performing regularly in different pubs and bars of Lima with their own bands. After some years, as their friendship and experience grew, they decided to play together, asking Christian Rebagliati, Eduardo’s brother, to join the band. Under the name of “La Ultima Fotografía” (The Last Photograph), the band started to perform in several venues in the city and the country. La Ultima Fotografia’s popularity rapidly grew and the band became modestly recognized on the scene.

By 2007 the band members saw a change of direction as they started to become interested in different styles of music, such as funk, blues, experimental, electronic and classic rock music. This lead to the disband of La Ultima Fotografia and formation of a new project: Dolly Shot. The main concept was to create music that, in a certain way, could reflect a little bit of every single music style they loved.

Since then, Dolly Shot hit the studio several times to record 3 independent productions, doing all the creative, production, recording, mixing and engineering processes themselves. The public response was great, especially at MySpace; lots of people supported the band with comments, messages and diffusion on their own profiles. The recordings also proved the band’s experimentation with new sounds and instruments they hadn’t used at the beginning (such as the keyboards and synthesizers). The band traveled to New York City in order to promote their material. This way, at Times Square and other parts of the city, they sold 1000 CDs which included all the songs they had recorded so far.

Shortly after these events, Dolly Shot decided to move to Canada to pursue their music ambitions. They choose Canada because Eduardo and Christian had been born and lived their early childhood in Toronto, Ontario. Also, Guillermo was hired in a studio in Banff for sound engineering.

After taking a short hiatus in order to follow personal endeavors the band reunited in Toronto in June 2009 and started to record their first independent full length album. After a year of hard work and sacrifice but also an incredible journey, Dolly Shot successfully finished and released the album entitled “Return Of The Broken” in June 2010. This record, which includes 10 songs is, undoubtedly, the proof of their more serious and ambitious work until this day, and it also shows their diversity and unique sound.

After all this journey of changes, ups & downs, and 4 recording experiences, the band has showed an evolution and personality exploration that only keeps getting better and more unique. Dolly Shot will continue their projects, learning about new music and, specially, working hard for their fans.

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