Live Review: Die Mannequin repays Toronto fans with free show

Die Mannequin Tattoo Rock Parlor Tattoo Rock Parlor, Toronto
September 27, 2010
By: TJ Liebgott

Toronto’s most dangerous rock band Die Mannequin treated fans with an early show at Tattoo Rock Parlor Friday night that was free to the first 200 people.  Coming off the heels of an Ontario/Quebec tour and joined by local bands Darlings of Chelsea and Dearly Beloved, die-hards and casual fans alike could not have asked for a better homecoming show.

Darlings of Chelsea
is a name I’ve heard many times, but had yet to see.  It’s no wonder why their name has been thrown around the local scene.  Although having only been a band for a year, DOC members are all veterans of the scene having played in acts such as Kill Cheerleader, Robin Black and the Black Halos.  Dripping in guitar-fueled swagger, DOC have a wave of nostalgia reminiscent of the 80’s LA scene, but draw on enough influences and creativity to make the sound their own.  Closing their set with "Devil Is A Woman," DOC surely impressed those lucky enough to show up early for the show.

Dearly Beloved are a band full of swagger, drum and bass grooves and hauntingly beautiful vocals split between singers Niva Chow and bassist Rob Higgins.  Unconventional and unreformed, Dearly Beloved refuse to be pigeon-holed into a specific genre, choosing to reinvent the wheel instead of becoming part of the machine.  It is easy to see why this band has supported acts like Die Mannequin and Juliette Lewis & The New Romantiques. 

Die Mannequin, Darlings of Chelsea and Dearly Beloved play Toronto Having seen Die Mannequin numerous times, at numerous venues across Toronto, this was the first show I’ve seen with their new lineup.  Joined with drummer Daz and guitarist Stacy Stray, bassist Anthony Bleed and partner in crime Care Failure annihilated the show with their sleazy, ear bleeding, filthy rock ‘n’ roll.  Playing mostly tracks off last year’s Fino + Bleed, the new lineup was not only solid as hell, but allowed singer Care the freedom of owning not only the stage, but also the mosh pit when she decided to crowd surf while singing.  True fans were treated to a rendition of “Autumn Cannibalist,” a song I haven’t heard them play in years.  After tearing up the stage, Failure broke into singing the Queen classic "We Are The Champions," before screaming her way off stage ultimately proving yet again that Die Mannequin will always go out with a bang and never a whimper.

Photos courtesy of Pete Nema .  

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