CD Review: Hannah Georgas – This Is Good

Hannah Georgas - This Is Good CD Review By: Sheena Lyonnais
July 7, 2010

Hannah Georgas,
you write the kind of songs that coexist with summer days, reading books under trees, oversized sunglasses and cute hats with floral prints on bicycles.  Her debut full-length This Is Good prevails at living up to the buzz generated by her EP the Beat Stuff, surpassing the hype to create an album that is equally grounded, but already showing an enhanced sense of maturity in its approach to song writing.

My heart coincides with the honest “The Deep End,” a deeply encouraging track that introduces her penchant for poetry, a trait that is illuminated further on tracks “Your Ghost” and “Shine.”  She swirls an honest amount of experimentation around what is easily one of the most memorable pop albums of the year thus far.  Introducing an amped up energy on “Dancefloor” acts as a fun departure, but it is not where she shines.  “Bang Bang You’re Dead” is a more appropriate suitor for deviance, and successfully ties in the famous sarcastic charm found on her EP. 

This Is Good is an understatement of a title, for this record is extremely strong for a debut and proves Vancouver’s Hannah Georgas is here to stay.  Her intriguing, rolling, at times haunting tracks are beautiful inside and out, and I have no doubt this record will accompany you throughout the year from hazy August days to long solitary transit rides.  Finally a record both poets and pop-heads can appreciate.

TTTT (out of 5)

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