CD Review: Birds of Wales – Belgravia Hotel

Belgravia Hotel by Toronto band Birds of Wales By: Jen White
July 7, 2010
Belgravia Hotel, the debut full-length album from Toronto’s Birds of Wales , is simplistic in its songwriting, but its layers offer a lush, radio-friendly sound. Opening track “My Lady in July” sets the sappy, light rock tone of the album, and lead single “Uninteresting” is a ballad that would fit perfectly on adult contemporary/pop-rock radio stations.

Cheesy, immature lyrics prevail on songs like “Just Let It Be” and “Fall of the 49.”  On the latter track, you become totally distracted by lyrics such as, “What kind of world do we live in / When we have to lock all our doors?”  The track “Some People Tell Me” also suffers from its lyrics, but the addition of friends yelling in the background gives it a nice, personalized touch.
There are some brighter spots on Belgravia Hotel. “Just Right” picks up the tempo and feels more fleshed out, while the stronger “Tin Soldier” has even more legs to stand on. The romantic “White Dress” is the most mysterious of the bunch – the lyrics don’t lay everything out for you – and feels the most genuine.
TT (out of 5)

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