CD Review: Slutty Slutty Bang Bang

Slutty Slutty Bang Bang By: Dave Stuckey
June 1, 2010

Slutty Slutty Bang Bang’s recent self-titled release is a refreshingly original exploration of odd chord progressions, electronic beats and sounds, and extended jam sessions. The casual music listener should turn back here – this is not pop, and anyone going into this album thinking so will probably end up peeing their pants in a frightened panic once they hit the third track.

With that said, Toronto’s SSBB do attempt to make themselves more accessible with a couple straight up rock songs. “Hipster Girl” and “Anxious Hearts” feature frontman Tom Juhas belting out nearly the only singing you’ll hear on the entire record. Both songs are fairly immature from a musical standpoint, and while Juhas’ singing style is eccentric and interesting, he slides out of tune a little too often to utilize it full-time. Chock it up to experiments in radio-friendliness gone wrong.

Fortunately, the rest of the album is dominated by the fantastic instrumentals of all three members, as well as several guest musicians with contributing parts here and there (note the virtuoso trumpet solo in “Be Happy”). Most songs clock in at over five minutes and don’t come close to formulaic pop structures, instead filled to the brim with speedy, complex guitar and bass jams backed by both traditional drumming and electronic percussion. SSBB is all about creating unique soundscapes that can be appreciated intellectually (much in the way jazz might be), but also gets your booty shakin’. It’s strange, but it’s a good kind of strange.

TTT (out of 5).

Editor’s note: Do NOT Google this band at work.  I’m sure you can imagine why…

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