NXNE Preview: The Paperbacks

The Paperbacks Band By: TJ Liebgott
May 31, 2010

Coming off the heels of their 32-song double disc album Lit From Within release, The Paperbacks will be making their way from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Sydney, Nova Scotia with two stops in Toronto.  If you can’t stand the crowds during NXNE, you can catch them prior to the festival before they hit the east coast.  To tell us more is bass player Jaret McNabb.

1. How are you doing and where are you right now?
I’m doing great thanks! I’m just in my studio in Winnipeg at the moment.

2. There are a lot of bands playing NXNE, why should we watch yours?
We’re soooo good looking, total gentlemen and we’re pretty good at this music stuff! Besides, what other bands at this festival have a double album?

3. What are you doing to prepare for NXNE
We’ve been practicing a whole bunch, of course, but we will also have a couple of weeks of touring under our belts by the time we hit NXNE, we should be fairly tight by then!

4. What are you hoping to get out of the festival?
A major record deal, duh. Haha, we just hope some people come out to catch our band, long time fans or new comers, we’ll rock out for anyone who’s interested.

5. Which act(s) are you hoping to catch during the festival and why?
I’d love to catch Warpaint, best band at the festival! Soooo good!

6. Tell me a tour story that is crazy but true.
Last time we were in Toronto some of us took a rainy day off to go see a big time rock band at the Molson Amphitheater.  On the transit ride to the show we passed a bus shelter where we saw our (former) guitarist sitting on the wet ground, not the bench seat, drinking from a king can. He swore to us that he hadn’t been there all day doing just that. We don’t buy it, that’s what he does at home too.

7. What are The Paperbacks working on at the moment?
We’re touring Canada this June.  NXNE is a part of that tour. Other than that we are in the middle of recording a follo- up to our recently released double album Lit From Within, a single record this time though!

8. Which shows/events/BBQs are you playing?
You can find us at the Manitoba showcase, Saturday June 19th at C’est What. We’re on at 10pm.

9. Where can we find out more about you?
We’re all over the internet, Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Reverb Nation, all of it. Our home base is www.thepaperbacks.com

10. Any last parting words for us music-hungry Toronto folk?
Last? No, this isn’t the end, we’ll be back! We’ve got a lot of music for you!

Canadian Tour dates:
01 June 2010 Black Pirate’s Pub, Thunderbay, Ontario (w/ guests)
02 June 2010 Foggy Notions, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario (w/ headliner Kalle Mattson)
03 June 2010 Townehouse Tavern, Sudbury, Ontario (w/ guests)
04 June 2010 Rancho Relaxo, Toronto, Ontario (w/ guests)
05 June 2010 Quai Des Brumes, Montreal, Quebec (w/ Mia Verko and Camaromance (solo)
06 June 2010 L’Agitee, Quebec City, Quebec (w/ Fiction in Motion and Hopeful 16)
08 June 2010 Bar Le Campus, Rimouski, Quebec (w/ The Modern Sins)
10 June 2010 Gus’ Pub, Halifax, Nova Scotia (w/ Greg MacPherson & The Winning Hearts.)
11 June 2010 Plan B, Moncton, New Brunswick (w/ guests)
12 June 2010 Governor’s Pub, Sydney, Nova Scotia (w/ guests)
15 June 2010 Rainbows, Ottawa, Ontario
17 June 2010 Paddy Flaherty’s, Sarnia, Ontario (3 sets)
18 June 2010 The Phog Lounge, Windsor, Ontario (w/ headliner Corrina Keeling)
19 June 2010 NXNE- C’est What? Toronto, Ontario (Showcase @ 10PM)
24 June 2010 The Slice, Lethbridge, Alberta (w/ The Darby and Joan Club)
25 June 2010 The Broken City, Calgary, Alberta (w/ guests)
26 June 2010 Haven Social Club, Edmonton, Alberta (w/ We Were Lovers)
27 June 2010 Grande Prairie Alberta, Grande Prairie Curling Club, (All Ages/Licensed. w/ guests)

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