CD Review: Tokyo Police Club – Champ

Tokyo Polic Club Champ CD Review By: Adelaida Kolaj
May 18, 2010

Canadian indie quartet Tokyo Police Club have with easy conviction found themselves catapulted to the global mainstream radar by banging out their signature dance party, singalong-worthy, garage rock tunes. Champ, their sophomore album, is less of an attempt at validating this mod teen hero status than it is a chronicle of musical maturation.

Unlike their previous releases, well known for sounding like they were played by hyperactive prepubescents on a severe Redbull binge, Champ is significantly more guitar-driven and tuneful, bashing out fistfuls of hooks and its fair share of guitar signatures on the more memorable “Breakneck Speed” and “Boots of Danger (Wait Up).”

A sense of uniformity prevails the album, not to TPC’s advantage. While the songs blend together cohesively, there is a monotony unlike the one that stamped Interpol with its cult status. Champ, even after several listens, would leave anyone but the dedicated fan in a neutral zone with only a mild, lukewarm at best, opinion, possibly landing the album in indie rock purgatory.

TTT (Out of 5)

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