CMW Preview: The Hippy Mafia

The Hippy Mafia By: TJ Liebgott
March 10, 2010

Somewhere between the fringes of rock, hip-hop and ambient music is where the Hippy Mafia resides.  Geographically, the Hippy Mafia contains members from Manchester, Berlin, Toronto, New York and Port of Spain, who will unite to make their live debut tonight.  Mic Dainjah tells us more.

How are you doing and where are you right now?

Where: In Berlin ontario. The middle of nowhere the center of everywhere.
What: Trying to decide Man City? or Man United?

There are a lot of bands playing CMW, why should I watch yours?

The Hippy Mafia is the first 21st Century band. Post punk. Post hip hop. Post romance. Post humanity. Beatles meet Breakbeats. Half man-Half amazing.

What are you doing to prepare for CMW?
Sit ups. Ego stroking. Reading Nietzsche. Eating Sous (a trinidadian dish made of pigs hooves soaked in brine, chilli peppers and cucumbers). It’s proper rotten.

What are you hoping to get out of the festival?

Tell me a tour story that is crazy but true.
The Hippy Mafia lives in Manchester, Berlin, Toronto, New York City and Port of Spain. When we roll out of bed we are on tour.

What are you/your band working on at the moment?
Lots. In order of priority:
1. Our tans.
2. Our fans.
3. Our trainers.
4. The Republic of New Digitalia’s Bill of Rights.
5. Keeping Kofi and Casey’s afros frizzy 
6. Four volumes of The Black Beatles mix tapes.

Any last parting words for us music-hungry Toronto folk?
My baby cause bliss in my synapses
#1 on my list
I would be remiss
Not to tell you bout the hips
and the way they dip
Not to tell you bout the lips
and the way they kiss

The Hippy Mafia’s CMW Showcase:

Wednesday March 10, 2010 @ 11:00PM
Bread and Circus, 299 Augusta Ave 416-336-3399
19+ All wristbands accepted

For more information on the Hippy Mafia visit:


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