Kittie – The Cats claw the Opera House on March 03

Kittie Live At The Opera House By: Mike Greene
March 08, 2010
The cats came back, with a vengeance! After about three years since their last stop in Toronto, Kittie descended upon the Opera House to the delight of the city’s head bangers. Touring in support of their fifth studio album In the Black, Kittie brought New Jersey’s God Forbid along for the ride.
God Forbid commanded a strong stage presence, most notable with lead guitarist Doc Coyle’s riffs and vocalist Byron Davis’ crowd interaction.  Davis even took a moment to congratulate us on our gold medal in hockey stating, “It’s about time someone kicked our asses at something!” Forbid played a lengthy set with a mix of new and old material. Towards the end, Davis dedicated “To the Fallen Hero” to late Pantera guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abott. A single which was a limited release for the band.

Kittie came on shortly after God Forbid to do their own sound check, which I found very humble for a band with a decade long career. After everything was good to go it was lights out and time to rock. The girls started with a forceful one-two punch with the first two songs off In the Black, “My plauge” and “Cut throat.”  Front woman Morgan Lander, who appropriately dawned a top from the Broadway musical “Cats,” thanked everyone for coming out and promised they would work on coming to Toronto more often.

  With all the curve balls and lineup changes that have been thrown at Kittie over the years, you could tell that this is their strongest lineup to date with every member having something unique to offer and finding a way to bring it together on stage. Morgan effortlessly switches between clean vocals and a sassy growl, while sister and drummer Mercedes Lander provides deeper guttural backup vocals while retaining her rank as undisputed queen of the double-kick (all while on a sparkly pink drum kit with black hearts, I might add).  Tara McLeod in her fifth year with Kittie brings a whole new dynamic to the band, providing blistering solos and even adding her own twists to Kittie’s back catalogue with a shredding solo on the end of “Pussy Sugar” from Until the End. Easily one of the best lead guitarist I’ve seen in a while. Kittie’s newest member, bassist Ivy Vujic is unstoppable.  With her long brown locks, this girl can do the windmill like nobody’s business! It’s something you have to see to believe. Vujic holds a strong command on her bass while adding to the overall stage presence of the band.

Kittie Band
  Kittie played most songs off In the black while mixing in some old favorites. The audience erupted to the opening bars of “What I Always Wanted.”  They ended off the night with “Forgive and Forget.” After all these years, they still manage to put on an energetic mosh-worthy live show and proved that this cat still has all nine lives with claws out.

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All photos courtesy of Zofia Waliczek.

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