Seven Questions: Dinosaur Bones

Dinosaur Bones Interview By: Sheena Lyonnais
February 15, 2010

Toronto’s Dinosaur Bones have been making waves in the scene ever since they appeared seemingly out of nowhere two years ago.   Since then, the indie rock band famous for their haunting melodies and energetic live shows, have been working towards their highly anticipated debut album.  While fans will have to wait a while yet, the band is celebrating the release of their 7-inch vinyl. 

It is their hard work ethic and their ability to never disappoint that makes them an ideal candidate for Toronto Music Scene’s new Seven Questions section.  Vocalist/guitarist Ben Fox graciously weighed in on their journey so far and the excitement surrounding their new release. 

1) Firstly, congratulations on your second anniversary as a band.  This has been somewhat of a wild ride for you guys, what have been some of the most memorable moments?

The anniversary parties themselves have actually ended up been serious highlights for us.  Mainly because they’re always with bands we’ve got close connections with, in front of a crowd of our best friends and allies we’ve come to know and love over the past two years we’ve been a band.  Oh, and festival season last year was a definite highlight.  What beats outdoor festivals with killer bands?  Nothing, that’s what.

2) February 2nd marked the release of your 7-inch on Toronto/New York upstart vinyl label Hi-Scores Record Library.  What was it like for you throughout the process of working with this medium?  Did you have to do anything differently?

Technically speaking, the songs have to be mastered separately for vinyl, but that’s about it.  I really don’t understand how grooves in vinyl magically translate into full-sounding songs in stereo.  It seriously blows my mind.

3) Tell me a little about the two tracks "Ice Hotels" and "Royalty."  What made them special enough for vinyl?

The 7-inch is a bit of a preview of what we’ve been working on for this full-length album, so we really wanted to showcase two songs that capture the widest possible range of what we do.  The albums got everything from spooky haunting vibes, to rollicking rock ‘n roll, to sleepy love songs, and we wanted to release two songs from complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

4) Sonically, the tracks have an ambient beauty to them that shows a progression for your music.  What new inspirations did you seek in order to capture these ideas?

It wasn’t so much about new inspirations as it was about finding the right producer (see: next question) to steer the ship and refine the ideas we were working on.

5) You worked with producer Jon Drew (Tokyo Police Club, Arkells, Fucked Up) on this recording.  What was it like working with someone who has had such an impact on local and Canadian indie music?

Jon’s an incredibly easy producer to work with.  I think a big thing about our relationship was the mutual trust we had going into it.  We had huge faith in him.  We’re all fans of his work, which is why we reached out to him.  And he believed in our songs and our band, so it was instantly comfortable. 

6) To celebrate the release of the 7-inch, you’ll be holding your release party March 5 at the Steam Whistler Brewery in part with the Steam Whistle Unsigned music series.  One hundred per cent of the ticket sales will be donated to the Artists’ Healthy Centre Foundation.  Why is this important to you?

We understand the importance of community in all aspects of the arts, since we’ve personally benefited from good people going out of their way to help us get a leg up.  So we felt it was important for us to be a part of something that contributes to supporting members of that community who need it the most. 

7) While recording "Royalty" and "Ice Hotels" at Toronto’s Giant Studios, you also recorded nine other tracks for your debut full-length album.  When can we expect that release and what can fans expect from it?

There’s no hard release date just yet (stay tuned), but I think people can expect a record that captures the energy of our live show, and pushes the extremes of anything we’ve released previously.  I can’t wait for people to hear it.

For more information on Dinosaur Bones and their 7-inch release party March 5 at Steam Whistler Brewery, check out    For more information on the Artists’ Healthy Centre Foundation, check out

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