Hollering bout Hollerado: Manotick band rocks Toronto, then strikes it rich

Toronto Band Hollerado By: Acey Rowe
December 10, 2009

November was an interesting month for Hollerado. Hopping from Brazil to Argentina to China, pausing in Canada just long enough to play a heart-stopping show at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto and rake in the $250,000 jackpot at the Live 88.5 Big Money Shot in Ottawa.   The guys haven’t exactly had a relaxing couple of weeks. 

Still, it’s nothing the “hardest working band in Canada” (Ben Fox, Dinosaur Bones) isn’t used to. From their news making Residency Tour (seven venues in seven cities, repeated every night of the week for the whole of February), to their hand drawn website, it’s pretty clear that this is a band that never sleeps. It’s a work ethic and determination that is reflected in their powerful live show.

With a slick-as-butter routine complimenting fireball riffs, and an ease with each other that’s as effortless on-stage as it is off, Hollerado’s show is buoyant, clever, and resounding. From personal experience, it’s an event not to be missed. Last summer I even underwent the five-hour drive to Ottawa just to catch their 20-minute set at Bluesfest – and it was totally worth it.

Also playing the Horseshoe on the 26, were local favorites Dinosaur Bones and headliners, Québécois super-group Malajube. Dinosaur Bones taunted us with new music off their upcoming album, set for release in early spring.

Hollerado Band LiveMalajube, who have dropped in my esteem since the release of their gawky third album Labirynths and a lackluster Lee’s Palace performance in June, turned things around with a vivacious set and a deservedly strong turn out.

Still, there is no argument that Hollerado stole the night. Between banter, boisterousness, and singer/guitarist Menno Versteeg’s bright, prose-riddled lyrics, there wasn’t a person in the Tavern that wasn’t enjoying themselves. If the show at the Horseshoe was any example of this band’s promise, it makes perfect sense that next night’s audience at Live 88.5 rewarded their hard-work and sheer talent with enough money to, at very least, make it home again from China.

For more on Hollerado check out: www.hollerado.com.

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