CD Review: Scatterheart – The Masterplan

Scatterheart - The Master Plan CD Review By: Erin Fahy
October 28, 2009

I dare you to be angry while listening to Scatterheart’s latest album, The Masterplan. You simply can’t do it: its just happy, poppy rock’n’roll. Their self-described “love rock” takes cues from contemporaries like Panic at the Disco, the Killers and the Darkness, and possesses the soul of 60’s pop and the finesse of the 70’s with a heavy Queen influence.

Their flare for feathers and the dramatics is reminiscent of the great Freddie Mercury, but vocalist Jesse Enright definitely favours the Darkness’ Justin Hawkings.  His personal style and huge feather shoulder pads put even Brandon Flowers’ to shame.
The band creates a unified and solid sound, while keeping it fresh. Standouts include the punk  “Shut up” and the upbeat “Beautiful,” which I’ve listened to while prepping for a night out.  I do wish for more hints of edge in their music, which could push this band over the top.  I am curious to see how this music plays out on stage, considering I’ve heard rumours of bubbles, acrobatics and feathers everywhere. If their videos are just a taste of the live experience, I can’t wait!
Check them out at or at the Horseshoe on October 30.
TTT (out of five)

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