Dragonette brings dance party to Mod Club

Dragonette Live Toronto By: TJ Liebgott
October 13, 2009

The Mod Club got its Thursday night live to air started early as Dragonette, Ruby Jean and The Thoughtful Bee’s and Egyptrixx transformed the venue into a dance party for an early live show.  Sex, sweat and swagger were definitely the themes and it seemed that every band did their best to get the at capacity crowd’s booties shaking on the dance floor.

Local Toronto DJ Egyptrixx got the party started early, spinning his own brand of experimental and house music.  While the music was good, Egyptrixx seemed out of his element.  It seemed as though the DJ approached the show like he would any other DJ set and failed to integrate himself with the audience.  During a short opening set, Egyptrixx never acknowledged the audience and even when he finished, he didn’t say a word, but instead solemnly took a sip of his beer as he walked off stage.

For more information on Egyptrixx visit: www.myspace.com/africaforyou

Ruby Jean and The Thoughtful BeesHalifax Electro-Rock group Ruby Jean and The Thoughtful Bee’s put on one of the better opening shows I’ve seen in a while.  Dragonette fans were very receptive of the band, cheering and dancing away instead of idly waiting for the band they paid to see.  Opening with, "You Don’t Miss Me," RJATTB tried recreating the heavily electronic sound of their self-titled debut album with maximum results.  Listening to the album prior to the show, I was hesitant to believe that the sounds could be recreated live, but RJATTB did so organically and thoughtlessly.  Armed with an array of effect pedals and a Macbook, RJATTB not only brought their album into a live venue, but added an energy and intensity that surpassed their strong debut release. 

For more information on Ruby Jean and The Thoughtful Bee’s visit: www.myspace.com/rubyjeanandthethoughtfulbees

Touring their most recent release Fixin To Thrill, Toronto band Dragonette opened up their tour on a high note.  The crowd was rabid for Dragonette by the time the band hit the stage.  While their set was highly polished, it didn’t have the same exuberance as RBJATTB had.  It seemed as though Dragonette just couldn’t get lost in the moment and at times seemed quite reserved.  Occasionally the high energy got lost as they switched from their dance inspired tracks like their opening track "I Get Around" into more country flavored tracks like "Fixin’ To Thrill." Regardless, Dragonette fans couldn’t get enough and were slow to leave after the bands short two song encore.

For more information on Dragonette visit: www.myspace.com/dragonette

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