Minto van stolen in Toronto

MintoVan.jpg Folk rock band Minto had their van stolen at their Toronto tour stop Tuesday.  The van was last seen in the Dupont/Dufferin area between 10 p.m. on October 26 and 8 a.m. on October 27.  There is no record of it being towed.

Vehicle: 1998 Plymouth Voyageur
Colour: Mauve
Plates: 530 AWX (BC plates)

Anyone with information is asked to contact the band’s publicist.  The photo pictured is not Minto’s van, but very similar.  Thank you for your help!  

CD Review: Scatterheart – The Masterplan

Scatterheart - The Master Plan CD Review By: Erin Fahy
October 28, 2009

I dare you to be angry while listening to Scatterheart’s latest album, The Masterplan. You simply can’t do it: its just happy, poppy rock’n’roll. Their self-described “love rock” takes cues from contemporaries like Panic at the Disco, the Killers and the Darkness, and possesses the soul of 60’s pop and the finesse of the 70’s with a heavy Queen influence.

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Show review: Michou, Gramercy Riffs and Rah Rah

Rah Rah Live In Toronto By: David Stuckey
October 26, 2009
Initially, my first concert experience at El Mocambo seemed bleak. The place was empty apart from a few music junkies taking position for the night by the bar.  As the opening band Michou quietly set up their gear, frontman Michael Hargreaves informed the audience that only two of the band’s four members were present for their set. Skeptical regarding the abilities of only half a band, I mulled over the idea of returning my opened beer for a refund (always a question of etiquette) and finding another show, but decided to stick it out as a point of journalistic integrity. I meandered my way over to a table in front of the stage as Michou launched into their first song.

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An intricate look into Gonzales on stage

Gonzales Live Toronto By: Caroline Fernandez
October 26, 2009

Gonzales, aka Chilly Gonzales, aka Jason Charles Beck, visited the Mod Club earlier last month wearing white gloves and a dark polyester bathrobe. By the end of the night, his carefully-coiffed pompadour was drenched, dripping all over the doting fans leaning on the stage as he beatboxed and sprayed droplets of spit on their upturned faces. He resembles a mad scientist and rants endlessly like your grandfather and mine. It’s hard to pinpoint the artist’s forte during performances—is it in his piano prowess, his Adam Horowitz-like bratty freestyle rap or in his storytelling skills? In this case, it is completely accurate for him to have named a past album The Entertainist, as he has acquired a reputation for often absurd, interactive shows.

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Walk Off the Earth/Johnstones ticket giveaway

Walk off the earth Free Tickets
Walk off the earth Free Tickets We’ve got two tickets to giveaway to the Johnstones’ CD Release party featuring Walk Off the Earth and Mean Tangerine on Thursday Oct 29 at the Mod Club.  All you have to do is go to and tell us the name of Walk Off the Earth’s record label (hint: it’s at the top of the page).  Email your answer and info to Winner will be contacted on the 28th.  Good luck!

Dragonette brings dance party to Mod Club

Dragonette Live Toronto By: TJ Liebgott
October 13, 2009

The Mod Club got its Thursday night live to air started early as Dragonette, Ruby Jean and The Thoughtful Bee’s and Egyptrixx transformed the venue into a dance party for an early live show.  Sex, sweat and swagger were definitely the themes and it seemed that every band did their best to get the at capacity crowd’s booties shaking on the dance floor.

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Show Review: Indie Week launch at the Hideout

Bella Clava Plays Indie Week 2009 Toronto By: David Stuckey
October 10, 2009
Our beloved Indie Week is upon us once more, and to kick things off proper, The Hideout hosted the annual launch party that serves as both a showcase for some of the bands playing throughout the week, and a place where we can all go drink on a Wednesday night. Indeed, the party atmosphere was palpable all over the small, packed venue, and the bands didn’t disappoint in adding an exemplary soundtrack to a night celebrating the vibrant and virile state of independent music in Canada and abroad. 

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Win two tickets to see Clothes Make the Man

Clothes Make The Man Free Ticket Giveaway
Clothes Make The Man Free Ticket Giveaway We’ve got a pair of tickets to give away to the Clothes Make the Man show October 15 at the El Mocambo.  These guys are good ol’ unpretentious indie rock with a little bit of dance and swagger.  All you have to do is go to their Myspace at and tell us which sea creature or action super star they cite as an influence.   Email your answer and info to .  The winner will be announced October 13. Good luck!

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald is soulful and seductive

Toronto Artist Michael Bernard Fitzgerald By: Laura Leslie
October 10, 2009

Calgary’s Michael Bernard Fitzgerald seemed at home in Toronto as his fans welcomed him on stage at the Rivoli last Friday evening.

His voice was raspy, likely from it being day 30 of his “MBF Love LP” tour. But when the music began and his voice filled the room, it was almost a welcomed tone that added to his already soulful vocals.

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