CD Review: The Junction – Another Link In the Chain

The Junction - Another Link In The Chain By: Sheena Lyonnais
September 29, 2009

In a 2007 interview with TMS, Junction vocalist/guitarist Brent Jackson stated, “I don’t really like hearing a band writing the same record over and over.”  It appears two years later the man has stayed true to his word.  The Junction’s sophomore release Another Link In the Chain shows the band further developing their smooth indie rock and perhaps finally finding their niche.  

Produced by Gus van Go and Werner F (The Stills, The Trews, Priestess, Hollerado), the Junction headed down to New York City to record an album that is arguably their most experimental yet. “No Road” and “Pick Your Battles” boast an ambitious kind of Canadian rock reminiscent of a young Sam Roberts.  “Miles In Denial” is an ominous tune featuring humming symbols that slowly break into a quiet Brit-rock ambience.  “Level With Me” is your typical, catchy indie rock song, but with the surprising and refreshing addition of horns. 

“My Love Was There” is the first single off the album and also a standout.  It’s sticky like those sweet summer days, but in a rolling way that encapsulates an older more acoustic Junction feel with a little bit of twang, a strong grasp on melody and a whole lot of heart.  Its upbeat indie rock shows just how far the band has come in terms of song construction and overall writing abilities.  This song alone has a the potential to change this Brampton’s band career so they no longer are merely opening for Moneen, but rather fiercely holding the reins on their own.

While their last record was released on Universal, this independent release shows their true brilliance.  The record is equally enjoyable whether its spinning at the cottage, keeping me awake on the subway or leading me through a stroll down Bloor St.  Albums like this make me proud to have been born in Brampton.

TTT1/2 (out of 5)

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