Show Review: The Killers and Wolfmother at Molson Amphitheatre

The Killers play Toronto By: Erin Fahy
September 16, 2009

Since I first spun “Somebody told Me,” I have always had the Killers on my playlist.  However, circumstances (aka money and scheduling) have prevented me from seeing them live, until now. I scored some lawn seats for the September 6 gig at Molson Amphitheatre (Thank you Craigslist!) expecting a good show. What I got was my whole world turned upside down and shaken like a bully shaking a kid for change. 

Firstly, the opener was unbelievable. Australia’s Wolfmother was the clincher for me to see this show. I was bummed when I heard they broke up and I was really excited that they were back. Wolfmother has to be one of the most underrated new rock bands out there. I couldn’t believe the depth of sound that came from the speakers.  I honestly felt like I was transported back to a tiny club in the 70’s. It was full and definitely made me move, even if no one else did (idiots!). They sounded so tight and together I thought they were the original line up reunited. Turns out, the only original member is vocalist/guitarist Andrew Stockdale (looks like Carrot Top but sounds like Robert Plant). Amazing stuff, even if it’s a bit repetitive. Still, I can’t wait for their new album, which drops October 9.
Then the Killers. I can’t even describe how amazing their set was. They started off with their new material, before kicking into “Somebody Told Me,” which got the crowd rocking. Their music is so multileveled that I wasn’t sure it would successfully translate to a live setting, but it exceeded my expectations.  A standout moment was when Wolfmother’s Stockdale and bassist Ian Perez came on and sang “Don’t let me be Misunderstood” by the Animals, which perfectly complimented both bands.

Then the Killers played my favourite song, “All These Things I’ve Done,” resulting in the entire audience singing, “I got soul but I’m not a soldier” over and over with the amazing guitar riff by guitarist Dave Keuning. I was in music heaven. I vow to attend every show I can in the future from both acts, and it still blows my mind that I could have missed this opportunity, but I guess the rock gods knew better
I must note that the Killers seemed like a real band, not the pompous, arrogant rock stars I was expecting. Brandon Flowers was playing with the crowd, was gracious to Wolfmother who were playing their last show of the tour, and the other guys seemed to be really enjoying the show. They honestly wanted us to rock, and rock we did.

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