CD Review: Paisley Jura – Time In Between

Paisley Jura Time In Between By: TJ Liebgott
September 15, 2009 

Paisley Jura’s debut album Time In Between is the kind of album you would listen to while trying to find solace in a bad breakup.  With seven-tracks of hauntingly melancholic piano and down home acoustic guitars, Time In Between is a self reflective journey into the life and times of Paisley Jura.  Working with film/tv composer and University of Toronto professor Robert Carli, Time In Between blurs the lines between the classically trained and contemporary pop music.  Tracks like "Forgotten Ones" and "Sweetness" sparkle on the EP, while folk/country song "Sweetness" stylistically sways from the rest of the album.  Fans of a poetic female voice overtop beautiful acoustic instruments will definitely find a companion in Paisley Jura.  

TTT (Out of 5) 

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