CD Review: Megan Hamilton – See Your Midnight Breath in the Shipyard

Megan Hamilton CD Review By: Sheena Lyonnais
September 15, 2009

 Megan Hamilton’s third release See Your Midnight Breath in the Shipyard is another indication of this brilliant musician’s transition from songwriter into true performer.  The smooth indie folk pop captures a new level of strength and professionalism on this release, pushing her more into the direction of stardom.  Its nautical theme is beautifully sifted through tranquil tracks capturing the sonics of ships lost at sea.

It was released through the very independent Familiar Music label and mixed by Mark Vogelsang.  For this record, the award-winning sound designer researched the sonic properties of various rooms on a ship, drew a cross-diagram of this ship, then calculated and built over 300 sounds on the album so it would sound as though it was recorded on a ship.  Hamilton said this is to her knowledge the first time anybody has attempted to accomplish something like this, which enhances the listening process of an already beautiful album.

The pain-staking process has lead to an album where ambience bleeds through tracks about lost lovers, life and transition in a fashion that is as eerily romantic as it is soft and melancholic.  Tracks like “We All Love You” and “Wherever You Are” encapsulate this pending sadness with pianos and glimmers of hope, while other tracks like “Figure It Out” and “From Here to Vancouver” are bolder and louder, capturing a different kind of energy and poetry.

This country is known for its ability to produce brilliant female musicians, and sooner than later I’m sure Megan Hamilton will join the ranks for her Fiest-like female empowerment, her Sarah McLachlan-like songwriting capabilities and her Avril Lavigne-like ambition.  I could listen to this album for hours.

TTTT1/2 (out of 5)

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