CD Review: Darlings of Chelsea – The Mimico Sessions

Darlings of Chelsea The Mimico Sessions By: Sheena Lyonnais
September 15, 2009
There’s nothing I like more than loud, invasive, solid Toronto rock’n’roll.  Darlings of Chelsea have released six badass tracks destined for blown speakers across the nation.  Their debut The Mimico Sessions combines an intense fervor and passion for music with the shredding and lyrics of professionals down the vein of Los Angeles sleaze meets New York grime. 

“New Addiction” has unabashed, tearing guitar solos and Sean Robertson’s knack for gritty lyrics and catchy rock choruses, even boasting some background “na, nas.”  "Riot" has that punk rock ferocity and energy mixed with lyrics that are a blast to sing and chant along too.  The record takes us down a musical journey that harnesses the best elements of punk and 1970s and 1980s rock – the urgency, the bass, the drums and that penchant for sex, girls and anarchy.  They do it in a fashion that manages to sound fresh while simultaneously making me long for my mother’s old record collection (the woman raised me right, what can I say).
Darlings of Chelsea have the balls and talent to bring rock music to the forefront of Canada. It’s time for a new era baby, and Darlings of Chelsea are our leaders.
TTTTT (out of 5)
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