CD Review: Dan Kosub – Reservoir

Dan Kosub CD Review By: Sheena Lyonnais
September 15, 2009
Dan Kosub’s debut album Reservoir is a sleepy record that pulls its power from wispy guitars and story-telling vocals rather than big sounds and songs.  It was a year in the making, but at times it still sounds a little too shy, like a reservoir of reservation. I’m all for this singer/songwriter style of simple guitars and soothing vocals, but Kosub’s version needs more oomph.  

What I do give him though is credit for singing about world issues in tracks like the standout, “Gone by 2040,” which is actually about the Arctic icecaps melting.  It’s a slower track, with subtle bass and chilling imagery that works well for Kosub, showing sides of intelligence and melancholy laced with vulnerability.
He really steps it with the final two tracks, “Safer Left Alone” and “Follow,” where suddenly he embraces his inner pop sensibilities and allows them to shine. He sounds more confident here, giving the music the illusion of being larger.  The record grows on me more with each listen, I just wish it carried conviction throughout.
TTT (out of 5)
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