CD Review: Die Mannequin – Fino + Bleed

CD Cover for Fino + Bleed By: TJ Liebgott
September 9, 2009 

After two EP’s, countless shows and opening for bands like Guns N’ Roses and Marilyn Manson, Die Mannequin has finally released their highly anticipated debut LP Fino + Bleed. Consisting of 12 tracks, Fino + Bleed offers insight into lead singer Care Failure’s psyche and personal struggles with her demons. 

Produced by Matt Hyde (Slayer, Sum 41) and mixed by Mike Fraser (Social Code, AC/DC) Fino + Bleed lacks the grit and anarchy of a live Die Mannequin show, but still offers a slick recording that packs a punch.  While missing a super radio friendly breakout track like 2007’s "Do It or Die," Fino + Bleed offers a full album of great rock tracks that show an evolution in Die Mannequin’s song writing.  Tracks like "Miss Americvnt," "Dead Honey," "Suffer" and "Open Season" are just a fraction of the favourites on the album.  Songs quickly change up from Failure’s thrashy vocals to her poppy soft coo’s and ah’s to her chant-like heavy breathing. 

For a band that has been on the verge of breaking out for far too long, Fino + Bleed may be the album that catapults Die Mannequin into the spotlight.  Consider yourself warned.

TTTT1/2 (Out of 5) 

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