Artist Feature: Walk Off the Earth

Intreview With Walk Off The Earth By: Sheena Lyonnais
Sept 9, 2009

There’s something beautiful about a band that can create unique versions of hits such as Treble Charger’s “Red” and release them alongside original smooth, summery reggae songs.  Burlington’s Walk Off The Earth manage to successfully do both on their energetic and smooth sophomore reggae album My Rock.

My Rock was released in May as a follow-up to Smooth Like Stone on the Beach, a less calculated effort that didn’t quite encapsulate the magic this band possesses.   My Rock is an easy, uplifting listen that is perfectly suited to both sleepy mornings and smoky late night parties and campfires.

“Our other album, we threw the band together pretty quickly and we had some time in the studio because everything we do we record through [vocalist/bassist] Gianni [Luminati]. We felt really good about that CD, but we took more time with this one and really focused all of our attention around seven tracks.  We felt good about it and we feel it’s a graduation of where we were coming from,” drummer Petey Pablo said.

Walk Off The Earth Warped Tour Rounded out by simply Marshall on guitar and vocals, Walk Off The Earth is clearly a band that has fun with their music, while simultaneously producing solid material.  They’re not afraid to work as a team and prefer to credit all of their writing to the band as a whole instead of one particular member.

“The best thing about our band I think is everything we write we say ‘written by Walk Off the Earth.’  There’s a lot of songs where Gianni will have far more input than any of us or Marshall will, but it’s all written by us,” Pablo said.

“Say I wrote the song and its my song written by Gianni Luminati, and he [pointing at Pablo] comes up with an awesome idea, I might not want him to put that idea in because then I have to give him a writing credit.  That’s what happens with bands.  One or two guys write the songs and it hinders the creativeness.  That’s why we keep it to we write all the songs,” Luminati added.

My Rock
was released off SlapDash records, a label owned by Luminati and Pablo.  The label is also home to Jeremy Chambers, Mean Tangerine and Street Pharmacy.

“Gianni started it and then the two of us spent a lot of time talking about it and figured out its something we really want to build on.  That way if the music is ever done, we can hang out in the music scene and work out with kids who are amazing musicians, far better than myself,” Pablo said.

Right now the two are working on lining up a Slapdash tour for October, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. 

Toronto Band Walk Off The Earth“We’re hopefully going to get some Jeremy Chambers vs. Walk Off The Earth on tour there and then Mean Tangerine and Street Pharmacy will be on there too.  We’re going to do Ontario as a centralized focus first and see how things go there.  If we need to expand it we will.  We’ll see how it goes in the States. That’s our main goal with Slapdash too is to partner up with a label in the States and move more into Canada and the States rather than just Canada.  A lot of Canadian bands kind of get stuck in Canada.  We want to move it to Europe and everything,” Luminati said.

Walk Off The Earth will be playing Dodger’s CD Release Party at Hamilton’s Casbah on October 17 and the Johnstones’ CD Release party at Toronto’s Mod Club on October 29.  If you can’t catch either gig, be sure to check them out at:

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