Benefit of A Doubt – forged by karma

Benefit of A Doubt By: Erin Fahy
July 19, 2009

When you’re twenty, most people ae just starting in the real world, partying, attending school or even working. The members of Benefit of a Doubt are twenty and they’ve already done two major tours across Canada, entered a high stakes “battle of the bands” competition twice and earned a spot at NXNE. Kinda makes you wish you picked up the guitar when you were younger.

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Review: Warped Tour Toronto 2009

Warped Tour Toronto 2009 By: TJ Liebgott
July 15, 2009

Warped Tour celebrated its 15th anniversary with a punk rock smorgasbord that combined the future of Warped Tour with the roots of the original festival.  Among those playing were such classic punk bands as Bad Religion and Anti-Flag and newer scene/fashion groups like Lights, Millionaires and everything in-between.  The day aimed to entertain both old school punks and today’s attention deficit MySpace fans.  The following are the bands that stood out of the 60 plus band lineup.

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No seance just badass pop for Spirits

Spirits Live By: Sheena Lyonnais
July 7, 2009

Toronto’s Spirits first caught my attention during Canadian Music Week when they were added last minute to the opening slot of the sold-out Ting Tings show. Instantly I was captivated by their charismatic energy, not to mention the caliber of their musicianship. 

Having recently been signed to Sonic Unyon, the band is eager to talk about their excitement, their upcoming album and how shamelessly awesome they think they are. 

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