Artist Profile: DJ Mike Stoan

DJ Mike Stoan By: Tanya Bailey
July 23, 2009 
Hey, Mr. DJ – the musical conductor in our city. Giving the crowd what it needs, from R&B to Reggae….and everything in between.  Ladies and gentlemen, here is Toronto Dj Mike Stoan.

What does music mean to you?
It’s basically my life.  Hard to explain – it’s what I do on a daily basis its basically the air that makes me breath.

Where are you from & how long have you been a DJ?

Toronto born and raised [with a] Jamaican background.  [I’ve been] Unofficially DJing for damn like 17 years [and] at venues for 12.
What does being a DJ mean to you?

It’s all about escapism and for the crowd I’m entertaining for that one moment in time we forgot our problems and had a good time doing it.
Where were you when MJ, the King of Pop passed away?  What does it mean to you?

The liquor store.  I had no clue until the dude serving me free samples mentioned it – but honestly him passing is basically the end of an era of good music as I knew it being young.  He was the gap between generations of music lovers and great entertainment.

You have been throwing parties in the city for a while, what keeps you going?

Money. Need to pay the rent lol jkz [sic].  It’s more what I always wanted to have a good time no matter how many people show.  If it isn’t a good time it really doesn’t matter.
Many people call you the "hardest working DJ in the city,” what do you think?

Hard to think about it – I barely hear it. If that’s what people are saying then I must be doing something right
Do you have a favourite genre of music that you like playin for the crowds?

Depends on the crowd.  I don’t really have a choice – depends on the party.  If I could play country I would, but it won’t go good with most crowds, so I usually play what the crowd wants to hear. I like playing whatever is on the drive – but you can never lose with old school.

What’s next for you?

Not sure.  There’s a lot that I want to do, but might have the patience to pursue – so still doing parties till I get bored.  I’ll just deal with things as they are presented to me.

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