CD Review: Billy Talent Billy Talent III

Billy Talent III CD Review By: Natasha Pavlovic
July 20, 2009
The boys of Billy Talent are back with their final installment of the Billy Talent trilogy –Billy Talent III.  It’s been three years since we’ve heard from these Mississauga musicians and it’s safe to say not too much has changed in terms of sound. 

In all honesty, the album was nothing less or nothing more than I expected.  Listening to the CD was kind of like coming home to your favourite comfort food—the same but always amazing!  Billy Talent III is the perfect album to close the Billy Talent trilogy with a lot of familiar sounds and rhythms with more mature vocals and lyrics.

Compared to Talent’s first two albums, this one is a little bit mellower, less screamo meets teen-angst than their first album, but not too different from their second.  A standout is “Tears into Wine.”  It’s got a catchy beat that makes you feel full of energy and emotion when listening to it.  The first track, “Devil on My Shoulder” is also very catchy, with an intro that sounds a lot like “This is How It Goes” from their first album.  In this track, lead singer Ben Kowalewicz strays away from his normally high-pitched tone into more of a deep, hard hitting one. It’s a nice change, but unfortunately this is the only song where we hear this voice. 

The rest of the album contains a mix of quick, sharp tunes with feisty lyrics dealing with anger, loneliness and fear.  I feel like the song “Diamond on a Landmine” is the 2009 version of 2004’s “The Ex.”  Both songs deal with heartbreak and breaking up, but it’s amazing to hear the difference in tone and lyrical content.  It’s evident the boys have definitely matured over the years. 

Overall, it’s a pretty good album.  Great tunes to listen to, to get you pumped and energized, perfect for blaring out your car stereo.

Billy Talent will be hitting the road this summer, touring overseas at various festivals. There’s no doubt in my mind that this album would sound 10 times better live on stage.  The energy these guys put out while performing is contagious and makes you appreciate their music so much more. 

The first single off Billy Talent III “Rusted From the Rain” is currently streaming at

TTTT (Out of 5) 

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