CD Review: Ape – Survival of The Fittest

APE Survival of The Fittest By: TJ Liebgott
July 20, 2009

Ape’s debut release Survival of The Fittest is a blending of styles combining classic rock with metal.  With its slow, sludgy, grove guitar riffs, Survival of the fittest sounds more like the metal of yesterday, but without all the screaming and falsettos.

Recorded by Sean Gregory (Cauterize, Rehab For Quitters and Automatic) Survival of The Fittest contains 10 tracks, two of which are instrumentals in which the band really showcases their shredding chops.  Overall, it’s a pretty decent offering from APE and is a refreshing sound from the traditional metal/hard rock bands out there.  The album does lack a certain raw emotion though, which I imagine comes out in their live show, but unfortunately doesn’t get captured in the recording process.  I look forward to being pleasantly surprised by future releases.

Standout tracks include "It’s All My Fault (This Time)" and "How You Left Me."

TT1/2 (Out of 5)
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