Benefit of A Doubt – forged by karma

Benefit of A Doubt By: Erin Fahy
July 19, 2009

When you’re twenty, most people ae just starting in the real world, partying, attending school or even working. The members of Benefit of a Doubt are twenty and they’ve already done two major tours across Canada, entered a high stakes “battle of the bands” competition twice and earned a spot at NXNE. Kinda makes you wish you picked up the guitar when you were younger.

No matter how much they’ve accomplished in only three years,  it’s never enough.  “Sky’s the limit. Ever time we get some success or reach a goal, we’re quick to have another goal to reach,” said drummer Patrick Gilmour after their NXNE gig.

 Benefit of a Doubt hails from the Ottawa area, where they were forged by karma. “Corey [Desormeaux, guitarist] was in a hardcore band, Connor [Muldoon, bassist] was in a punk band and Chase [Van Dusen, vocalist/guitarist] and I were in a band called Benefit of a Doubt, some how the stars aligned and here we are,” said Gilmour. 
Benefit of A Doubt Live Listening to their MySpace, I was surprised to find out the diverse background of the members, even Gilmour admits to being a hip hop fan. To think that a punk rocker, thrash metal-head, hip hopper and an alterna-head could create music that’s rockin’ enough to make my commute to work enjoyable, yet have enough pop power to please my inner 14-year-old is crazy. Yet, their live show proved that their music and personal styles can blend seamlessly to put on a great show.

Despite their varying music backgrounds, they all have something in common: drive. Always touring and playing gigs, these guys are trying any way they can to get their sound out. “This has definitely become a full-time job for us, definitely to represent us in a business manner. We’re not serious, to-the-book kind of guys, we’re doing what we love and are having fun. But at the same time, we are trying to market ourselves,” said Desormeaux.

  “There comes a point where you have to get into the business or you’re just purely having fun,” chimes in Gilmour.

Ottowa Band Benefit of A Doubt NXNE is the perfect place for them to balance both.  “We can learn the business side and also the music side. Musically, we can play and meet up with other bands. It’s such a tight community.  On the business side, we can learn a ton.  Its like a job fair,” said Gilmour.

 A job fair for learning rock and roll? Sign me up. While these guys seem to have a good head on their shoulders, they did have some laughs about sleeping in parking lots of Walmarts, driving through some crazy forest in Thunder Bay and something that Desormeaux called a “legend project.”

For these twenty year olds, it might be all business, but it’s still rock’n’roll.

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Photos from Benefit of A Doubt’s MySpace. 

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