Die The Villain

 Screamo / Hardcore / Metal

Band Pic of Die The VillainFrom the largest city in Canada, known for its diversity against the norm and its distinct presence, Toronto proves itself to be a city continuously climbing, no matter the setback. There is no better representation than Die The Villain. From different walks of life, a brotherhood of five comes together sharing a unique vision.

With intentions of soaring above negativity, vocalist Daniel and guitarist Jourdain formed the band in 2008. Finalizing the line-up with Steven on guitar, Michael on bass, and Julian on drums, they spent the next few months focused on evolving as musicians and developing their sound. Drawing influences from a variety of bands and genres, Die The Villain incorporates many elements which can be heard in each song.

In addition to their energetic performances, Die The Villain is known for their unique personalities and quirky charisma on and off the stage. They’re a five-piece band of brothers that will do anything for their music and each other.

Stay tuned as the story unfolds.

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